The Perfect Wedding Gift or ‘How our Adventure to Ireland Got Even Awesomer’

Now it’s that time of year where loads of romantic gestures are appearing all over the internet, and lovely as they all are, I think we may have one of the best….

Right from our first meeting with Shane and Rachel back in Bournemouth, we knew we were going to be in for an awesome day, and we are SO glad they chose us to be their wedding videographers!

We were lucky enough to shoot their absolute DREAM wedding this summer, at the beautiful Bellingham Castle in County Louth, Ireland. Having never been, Mark and I were super stoked about our adventure to the Emerald Isle, and to be able to tick one more place off our bucket list.

irish wedding video 3  irish wedding video 4

irish wedding video 2

And what could we say? From the epic castle backdrop, to the two Irish Wolfhounds roaming the grounds, to the nooks and crannies guarded by suits of armour, to the pantry that served hot tea and biscuits all day – THAT’S ALL DAY PEOPLE!! – we were living the videographer’s dream.

Shane and Rachel held a beautiful humanist wedding ceremony in the castle courtyard, where all their guests participated in a ‘Warming of the Rings’; a super-sweet tradition where their wedding rings were passed from guest to guest, each ‘warming’ the rings with positive thoughts and well wishes before being placed on each other’s fingers (too cute for words!)

       irish wedding video 6  irish wedding video 7

The day progressed with the full Irish flair we had be warned about, but could never fully prepare for; drinks, food, drinks, and dancing until 6 in the morning! We were even treated to the most terrifying but wonderful Riverdance involving the Best Man and a few others!

      irish wedding video 11   irish wedding video 15

      irish wedding video 16   irish wedding video 17

          irish wedding video 18

But our favourite part of the whole day has to be the moment Oisin, the groom’s brother, came to us to ask for a favour…

Having not a lot of money to spend on the perfect wedding present for his big brother and bride, Oisin had decided to write them a song as their gift, and asked if we would accompany him to the closed bar on the other side of the castle where there was a piano. Of course we obliged, and consequently had our socks BLOWN OFF by this amazing lad’s talent. A proper hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck moment, and we are so excited to share this moment with you!